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Up to your ankles in snow means a digging mission for the logs. Unless…

So snow in general can be a fantastic weather type for many families, couples and friends as it can spread a childish streak amongst many and is a beautiful thing that weather can be enjoyed so much and used as a source for fun and games. But aside from this, on cold, winter nights many people enjoy to sit together and indulge on a nice hot chocolate or warm beverage in front of their log fires within the comfort of their homes. This picturesque idea and view of which we have of the winter season is a cherished thought and memory for most people amongst Europe however, the less enjoyable part of this experience is managing to get to this stage where you are able to sit down and enjoy yourself as it includes the collection of the logs. A dreaded task where members sitting together sit tense and try not to give eye contact to one another as they know, if they do, they may be the unlucky individual who has to face the cold winter surges outside and search beneath the snow for the previously collected logs which once were dry, crisp and easy to find and are now probably damp, cold and hidden by the mask of white which proceeds to fall onto the ground. At this point, the selected person is wishing they had invested in a log store so that this task was much easier.

For this particular reason, it is many peoples burden and excuse for not making use of their log fires or burners. This is often due to the fact that many avoid having to go outside and search for the hidden logs in the cold as well as the logs, once collected are often not even suitable to use due to them soaking up moisture from the snow and being too damp for use. For those who take into consideration these factors, another reason many do not get much use out of their log burners or fires is because they know they will not be able to use the damp logs as they have nowhere to store them, meaning they don’t tend to even bother having any to collect meaning the log burners sit and collect dust rather than logs. These are all reasons as to why many people would benefit from the purchase of a log store! With these stores, it ensures maximum protection for your logs as well as giving you a place to keep them and avoid them from being buried within the deep snow throughout winter. It also means that those who don’t bother collecting any logs in general (meaning their log burners are never in use), can start using them as they will have the knowledge that they will be able to get a lot of use from the store and from the burner. Three main factors which people love about our log stores is that it means no rummaging around for logs in the garden, easy to retrieve logs which are dry and ready to use at any point and with log stores, it means that you can enjoy your time with loved ones without the stress of having to collect the logs.

So after thinking about these log stores, you may be wondering why Fishers Woodcrafts and why our products are superior to many others on the market at the moment. Well, here at Fishers Woodcrafts all log stores are fitted with quality and long-lasting roofs (slate, traditional shiplap & green mineral felt covered available).

In addition to this alongside log stores made from Tanalith pressure treated Scandanavian redwood timber, we also have a range of products made with the finest and top quality English Green Oak which is an extremely strong wood which is known for its durable features (still holding up buildings today which are aged to around 500 years – so just imagine the use you could get from one of our log stores! The Tanalith pressure treated timber is a material which is FSC certified and a material which we hold a lot of trust in also known as Redwood timber and can give products a lifespan of up to 25 years. Finally, for peace of mind, we offer up to a 25 year guarantee with all log store products, in order to show you, how much trust we have in these products and all types of wood that we use are English Oak, Scandinavian pine and other hardwoods as we never use board material such as chipboard, OSB board or Plywood meaning all units are Guaranteed 100% real solid timber.

If you or anyone you know are interested in the investment of one of these amazing products, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for a quick chat and enquiry on these products and to see more of the m please look at the Log Store section of our webpage. To get in touch you can either fill out one of our contact forms, email us on or call us on 01757 289 786.

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