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How you can benefit from your very own chicken house!

chicken houseAt Fishers Woodcrafts we specialise in a wide range of handmade pure naturel wood products which are loved amongst many and a massive hit amongst those who have a love for their home! A particular product which has become apparent to be a hit amongst many are the chicken houses that we make out of pure British Craftsmanship and add a touch of love and pride in each and every piece of our work. Our chicken houses are served amongst the whole of the UK, Ireland, the channel isles and even Europe as a whole so within reason, wherever you are, we can provide and distribute top quality chicken houses with brilliant manufactured properties to you without the worries of receiving a low quality, flimsy product. We find that with a lot of chicken house manufacturers, the products they sell are cheap, flimsy and often copied designs of our own yet lacking the quality and are often no longer useable after a couple of months (sometimes not even that!). The chicken houses we provide to our customers are strong, beautifully appealing structures with the chicken’s health constantly in mind with their requirements met with spacious homes as well as a wide range of products to choose from, meaning you can chose which best applies to the amount of chickens you own!

The main features of our chicken houses which we are very proud of includes the easy maintenance, spacious environments made wholly from pure and natural woods with a wide range to choose from. Dependant on the type of chicken house that you chose to get, there are huge ranges of properties and accessories available and attached within the houses. Examples of this includes things such as external nest boxes, removable perches and adjustable ventilation so with the mass of different chicken houses which are available to choose from, you are able to decide within your own set requirements, what sort of product you want (this is often a choice that people make dependant on whether they have owned chickens before). For a lot of customers who are first time buyers of chickens, they often tend to start with a smaller number of chickens so in this case, our smaller houses are often an applicable choice such as the Melbourne Chicken House. However, for those who would prefer more, we do offer larger houses that can even fit up to 50 layers’ dependant on the breed!

The main factors which sway many people into wanting to own their own chickens and having their very own chicken houses is the ideology of being able to wake up in a morning, go outside and be able to collect your very own, 100% free range eggs from your very own chickens! This scenario is especially favoured due to the fact that it would mean knowing exactly how the chickens have been treated and how fresh the eggs are as happier chickens mean better eggs! This is also a popular method which people use to work against battery farm produce as well as an organic option as oppose to GMO farmed chicken eggs. Chickens are also a very easy pet to look after as they do not particularly need a lot of maintenance and attention, unlike many house pets such as dogs, however chickens are still great entertainment and fun for all the family and especially children. A final overlook on positive factors of having chickens is the free fertiliser, pest and weed control; a gardener’s dream! With the excretions which chickens produce the nutrients level is extremely high, giving a brilliant fertiliser for the garden.

So overall, here at Fishers Woodcrafts the staff have a combined 58 years’ experience in the manufacture of timber framed buildings and with our practical and cost effective structures you can’t beat the top quality which we manage to flawlessly produce on a daily basis. Our company in particular has worked with many different types of clients such as farmers, smallholders, schools, colleges and many more – even including the RSPCA, showing our products are of the highest quality and best for the best! With a wide range of different wood types to choose from, we even supply a guide through our website which can help you chose the type of chicken house best for you.  So with fast, friendly and fantastic services with a personal touch each and every time we can definitely get the job done properly for you. Holding many 5 star reviews throughout our webpage, we have often received comments such as “I have kept poultry for over 40 years and I can tell that the Newton house has been designed by somebody that knows about keeping poultry. A quality house with a service to match.”.

It is easy to become involved in the ownership of chickens and with our chicken houses made to the highest quality, you can start straight away. With our excellent services you can even ring up and have a chat with us about this as with Steve Fisher being the third generation of poultry farmer and keeper, we have the experience to be able to help you get started and receive the guidance you need. To ring up simply call 01757289786 or email us at – you can even use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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