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Chicken runs for the home garden

It is believed that in the recent years around 40% of the UKs housquality chicken runsehold population owns a pet, these pets usually consist of the regular, cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and many other of the favourable companions which our society seems to adore so much. Although owning these pets may sometimes seem to be an ideal situation for many household owners, it is often not practical as many people are not able to provide these pets with the amount of attention and maintenance which they need. For example, dogs, although extremely friendly and a lot of fun to own due to their playfulness are extremely high maintenance and require a LOT of love, affection and most of all your never ending attention. As well as this, they require a lot of exercise meaning it is vital that you walk them often and is a legal requirement to pick up their excrement’s on these walks. These are often some of the reasons many households turn away from owning a pet, as they believe they do not have enough time to be able to care for them properly and the only answer is to not own a pet all together – however, there is a solution… Chickens!

Chickens are animals which can be fun to watch, play with and tend to but are also much less regularly known and owned pets due to the many people who have the misconceptions that they are hard to look after and too much work! Though this is completely incorrect. Chickens are in fact extremely easy to look after and once the correct equipment is purchased for them, it can be as simple and easy as feeding and cleaning them. Investing in a chicken runs is a brilliant idea for those who would like a pet as they are easy to maintain and clean as well as making the aesthetics of your home garden beautiful and homely as well as adding culture throughout the area. The idea of having a chicken run with self-raised chickens is also a great way to make your home more self-sufficient with your very own eggs from your very own hens!

With the supplied products from the Fishers Woodcrafts range, you can have a guaranteed range of products to choose from with great British Craftsmanship to top quality standards as well as our company having a combined 58 years of experience in the manufacture of timber framed buildings. This means we can fully ensure you that all of our products are at a very high build quality with added strength whilst still meeting the bird’s requirements fully so the environment is safe and happy for them to live in. To top all of this off, all chicken runs and houses are extremely cost effective and brilliant for your feathery friends. As well as this, with the instalment of a chicken run, it doesn’t matter if you have had no previous interactions with chickens when it comes down to the ownership of them as they can be easy to look after with some research done.

So if you would like more information on the ownership of chickens and how you could go along with buying one of our top quality coups, houses or runs, please feel free to call us on 01757 289786 or send us an email at To enquire through our site, you can simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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